About Us
About Us

About Us

Welcome to Indy’s Culinary & Farmer Hub, a vibrant space committed to reshaping Indiana’s culinary landscape. Our commercial building encompasses a Shared Kitchen and Production Space, serving as a hub for culinary innovation. Alongside this, we proudly introduce our front retail space, allowing you to conveniently  shop or order online  from our  local farm members  for pickup or delivery, all within our cashless facility.
Situated in a food desert, our hub is dedicated to transforming the local food system by collaborating closely with local farmers and foodpreneurs. Our Shared Kitchen and Production Space, accessible through membership, provide the foundation for culinary creativity and growth with flexible scheduling.
More than just a production space, our culinary hub serves educational purposes. We host workshops, training programs, and initiatives for aspiring food entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration with local schools and organizations. These efforts promote food literacy and offer hands-on cooking classes focusing on healthy and sustainable practices.
Within our marketplace, explore Specialty Food Items and Value-Added Products crafted by our members. We encourage collaboration among producers, creating signature Indiana food products.
Committed to quality, we aim to obtain organic, gluten-free, halal, and kosher certifications for our kitchen within the next two years. Additionally, we contribute to the local food supply by selling a curated selection of organically and locally grown fruits and vegetables.
Indy’s culinary & Farmer Hub is more than just a kitchen; it’s a community-driven initiative dedicated to localizing Indiana’s food system, fostering sustainability, and culinary innovation. Join us on this exciting journey.

We proudly back local black farmers and prioritizes sourcing locally . Your choice with us not only delivers culinary excellence but also supports community sustainability and inclusivity.